Maxie B’s

You know the movies (that probably exist) where the bride-to-be obnoxiously already has her wedding cake picked out from her favorite hometown bakery? Yeah, that’s me one day with Maxie B’s. 

Maxie B’s is my favorite bakery, and it so happens to be from my hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina. From celebrating birthdays to just hanging out with friends and satisfying our sweets cravings, Maxie B’s is the go-to.

The Food:

The bakery menu at Maxie B’s is enormous- imagine every possible sweet treat, and then imagine every flavor- this place has it all. I always go with a slice of cake. Over time, I’ve found them to be the freshest and the most bang for your buck $$.

The flavor I always gravitate to is the Old-Fashioned Chocolate, which is a yellow cake with a creamy chocolate frosting. It may sound boring, I get it, but trust me, y’all, this isn’t just your average Betty Crocker mix.

Each cake at Maxie B’s is cooked to perfection and never dry. The three layers ensure your piece will be sufficiently frosted, not only on top, but in between every layer. Serving sizes are great too- each cake has perforations in the icing to indicate where the server should cut, so don’t worry about your sibling getting a bigger slice than you. 😉

IMG_1110During my most recent Maxie B’s outings, I’ve tried to branch out from my basic Old-Fashioned Chocolate order. Just the other day, I decided to get the Mocha Buttercream. I was worried the coffee flavor would be overpowering, or the chocolate cake would be too rich. Half a piece of cake in, I realized how ridiculous my worries were. The sweet chocolate cake was complemented by the semi sweet mocha buttercream, which created an amazing flavor that would go well with coffee or my personal favorite, milk.

The Atmosphere:

Arguably one of the best parts about Maxie B’s, besides the cake, is the ambiance. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted inevitably first by the end of the line, then by the aroma of sugar and a feeling of warmth.

I attribute the coziness to the soft furniture, tables tucked away in nooks, cascading lanterns and light fixtures and the fireplace. Not getting a good picture of what I mean? Imagine your dream home styled and furnished by West ElmYeah, that’s Maxie B’s. 

IMG_1112The space is divided into two rooms. The first houses the display cases and is where you order the goods. There is minimal seating in this room. However, the second room, which was added on a few years ago, is all seating. From couches to small and large tables, there is space for groups of any size.

Maxie B’s is one of those places that always makes me feel at home. From the comfortable seating to the overindulgence of cake and the friends or family that accompany me there, I love everything about a Maxie B’s outing.


Here’s some more looks:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip with Cream Cheese frosting
Cozy furniture

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