What do I say when I hear people comment, “Tru has the best salads and sandwiches in Chapel Hill”?


Sorry, I had to do it.

But in reality, Tru Deli and Wine is one of my favorite spots in Chapel Hill. Not just because of the casual food and drink specials, but because of the atmosphere.

It often flies under the radar for people who are just in town for the day. I mean Topo and Spanky’s are everyone’s go-tos, I get it, but I’m here to tell you why Tru is perfect for any occasion.

The Food:

Tru is one of those places where you get to make your own sandwich, wrap or salad. Sometimes those places aren’t great (sorry, Subway), but the make-your-own menu actually works for Tru.

A neat thing about Tru is you order through iPads, which allows you to select specifics about how you want your bread toasted (toast none, toast light, toast heavy) or how much of a meat/cheese/veggie you want (light, standard, heavy).

Step one when you start your order: Decide what you want. Salad. Sandwich. Wrap.

IMG_7258I’ve been to Tru dozens of times and can vouch for the sandwiches and salads. I’ve never personally tried a wrap, but my friends say they’re good too. I trust them.

If you opt for a sandwich or wrap, the bread options are sourdough, wheat, flour wrap or wheat wrap. I typically choose sourdough, but I bet they’re all tasty.

If your a greens lover, your base options are lettuce or spinach.

You can be as picky as you want when you design your meal, which I love. You get to choose anything you want from dressings, meats, cheeses, veggies and sauces.

Because the options are endless at Tru, I’ll tell you about one of my favorite sandwiches I’ve gotten there.

Picture this (or see above photo): sourdough bread. Heavy toast. Turkey. Swiss. Lettuce. Tomato. Avocado. Pesto. $7. Amazing.

The Atmosphere:

Tru occupies a unique space on the corner of Rosemary and Henderson.

It has a relaxing atmosphere with a combination of indoor and outdoor seating. Right inside Tru, you will find the iPads to order your meal to your left, the bar and dimly lit rooms with tons of seating.


The indoor dining space has a mixture of table seating and couch seating. Outside of the main entrance and upstairs on the balcony, there are communal tables and lounge chairs to use while enjoying a meal and a glass (or bottle) of wine.

Tru’s casual vibe is perfect for most occasions, from date night to hanging out with friends, or even just catching up on emails.

Because of Tru’s versatility, it’s my go-to spot for so many different occasions. The flexible menu paired with the wine and cheese platters and variety of seating make it such a great casual dining experience.

It may not be the #1 restaurant on Yelp, but Tru has so much to offer and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new Chapel Hill meal and place to hangout!

More looks: 

I always opt for heavy avocado 🙂
Can’t go wrong with wine and a cheese plate
Look at all of that outdoor seating!!

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