Elmo’s Diner

Everyone needs diner food every once in awhile.

My diner of choice in Chapel Hill is Elmo’s. It’s technically in Carrboro, but close enough

Elmo’s has been my go-to for the past four years. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, I’m always pleased with my meal.

The food:

To start, the menu is like a small book. It has everything from your most basic eggs and bacon breakfast to elaborate quiches and homestyle dinners.

I love breakfast food, and Elmo’s never seems to disappoint. One of my favorite items on the menu is the make-your-own omelet. I typically stuff it with ingredients like bacon, tomato, cheese and spinach. Throw some home fries on the side and your tummy will love you.

IMG_1240You can’t go wrong with their pancakes and waffles, either. Especially when they have the pumpkin pancakes on special in the fall. YUM.

The orange french toast is another Elmo’s delicacy. Typically, french toast feels heavy and overly sweet to me. However, the orange french toast at Elmo’s is very light and made with fluffy bread. The orange zest provides a much more natural taste and doesn’t weigh you down like normal french toast can. 10/10 would recommend.

Besides breakfast, Elmo’s offers delicious lunch and dinner options. I haven’t delved as deeply into this part of the menu because I’m obsessed with breakfast, but what I have tried, I’ve liked.

Recently, I ordered the Turkey, Jack, Avocado and Bacon sandwich with a side of warm cinnamon apples. The sandwich was served cold, which surprised me. But, it was a nice deli sandwich. I mean, how can you not like something served with avocado and bacon?  And it was huge. Another bonus.

The atmosphere:

Part of the reason I love diners is due to the laid back atmosphere.

Elmo’s Diner encapsulates this. Everything about it is casual and comforting. The brick walls and the booths of all sizes squished in the dining room pair well with the casual food they serve.

IMG_1232Elmo’s is located in Carr Mill in Carrboro, which houses a variety of stores and restaurants. The shops in Carr Mill are a perfect distraction when you’re inevitably waiting for an hour or longer for brunch on the weekends.

Yeah, you read that right. The one downfall to Elmo’s is the wait. Because it’s so good, it is always crowded. Especially on the weekends.

Regardless, Elmo’s is always a great meal choice no matter what you are feeling and it is worth the wait. Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

More pictures: 

Traditional Waffle
IMG_1239 (1)
Turkey, Jack, Avocado and Bacon Sandwich

IMG_1238 (1)

The Greek Burger

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