Carolina Brewery

Let me preface this blog by saying I intended to write this blog much earlier. But, life happens and here we are.

Carolina Brewery is a popular sports bar and brewery on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. There’s also a Pittsboro location, but I’ve never been there so this is strictly focused on the Chapel Hill location.

The recently redesigned space and revamped menu lends itself to a being a great place to grab a meal any day of the week, but especially on game day.

The Food:

Carolina Brewery changed up their menu some last summer after they revamped the interior.

The menu is a little more unique now. It’s like your basic bar food but with a twist.

The appetizers menu is extensive and offers a variety of options from potato chip nachos to pork sliders, avocado toast and street tacos.

They also offer an array of salads for those who crave their veggies. However, expect a lot of cheese and possibly fried chicken on top.


BBQ Chicken Salad

Carolina Brewery’s probably most famous for their burgers (after their beer, of course). The different burgers all sound amazing. They include toppings like pimento cheese, bacon, fried green tomatoes and more. YUM.

The entrées section is also large, and houses a lot of southern-inspired meals. I’m talking Cheerwine Chicken and Calabash Shrimp.

They also have an amazing brunch menu that comes with a complimentary cold bar, which includes snacks like deviled eggs, potato salad and muffins.

The Atmosphere:

Carolina Brewery occupies a two-story space on Franklin Street with a decent amount of outdoor seating. The newly renovated space is trendy with garage door-style windows. This allows the upstairs floor to completely open up to Franklin Street on a sunny day.

The bar downstairs is huge, which is good because this place is always crowded. Bar seating is first come, first serve, which is convenient when Carolina Brewery is operating on a wait.

Carolina Brewery is a great hangout and a fun spot to watch games, while enjoying a tasty snack.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.24.48 PM.png
Credit: Carolina Brewery

They also offer an amazing basketball game day opportunity. Their Sky Bus (basically an old school bus that is painted Carolina blue) shuttles restaurant-goers to and from the Dean Dome. How awesome is that??

Yeah I know last night was UNC’s last home game. Hints why I said I should have written this blog when there were still a few games left.


Anyways, keep Carolina Brewery in your mind during next year’s games. The Sky Bus is so convenient and you can even buy a few beers to drink on the bus on your way to the game. 

Love that.

More Pictures: 


Chicken Burrito Bowl
Carolina Cheeseburger
Sky Blue



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