AVL Brewery Hopping

I’ve been to Asheville a few times, but never over the age of 21. Until a few weeks ago.

The other weekend I ventured over to Asheville with some of my friends to experience the real Asheville and go brewery hopping.

Here’s the scoop on the breweries I visited:

Asheville Brewing Company

IMG_1428Because it was a beautiful day, we sat outside here at one of the long wooden picnic tables. We had just eaten brunch (see my blog on Mayfel’s) and had no clue this place is actually known for their delicious looking pizza, so we just got drinks!

I tried the Lemon Space Dog Wheat- mainly because it sounded interesting and I was feeling risky. I really liked it! It was a light beer had a refreshing flavor. Asheville Brewing Company wasn’t my favorite of the day, but I would go back, especially if I was hungry because that pizza looked #lit.

Hi-Wire Brewing

IMG_1463The next place we went to was Hi-Wire Brewing, which was right around the corner. I got the Pitch Juicy IPA, which had a fruity flavor. I’m not the biggest IPA fan, but this was one I could drink easily.

The inside of Hi-Wire is very industrial and it has garage doors that open up to the outside on a sunny day. I loved the feel inside and I recommend it on a warm day.

Wicked Weed

After Hi-Wire, we went over to the famous Wicked Weed. Right off that bat, it was 100% more crowded than anywhere we had been prior. We stood at a table outside for a bit and I ordered their Pilsner. It was really light and I liked it. We moved inside to a table and ordered snacks. I got the caesar salad which was served with bacon aka all I could ever want/need.

IMG_1535I loved the vibe of Wicked Weed- it was really crowded, but worth the wait.


Asheville is such a fun city, and it’s a new type of fun now that I’m 21 (lol). I’m already ready to go back and stay for longer.

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