The Salty Dog

Do restaurants live up to awesome logos? 

Since I can remember, I’ve seen people rock t-shirts and hats with “The Salty Dog” plastered all over them. I always took note of how adorable their logo is (I mean I just love the way the serif font fits around the simple dog outline. Ugh, genius), and promised myself if I ever make it to Hilton Head, NC, I would check it out!

Last weekend, I finally got the chance. My expectations for this place were pretty high, honestly. I mean, a restaurant with such a popular logo and clothing line has to be great, right?

I ventured over to Salty Dog  for lunch, which is located in Harbour Town, a boujee division of Hilton Head. My friends and I snagged an outdoor table on the water. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hot.

The Food:

IMG_3788Once we got there, we were excited to try once of their frozen drinks. However, the server was not helpful when we asked questions about them, and rushed our order. So, we were forced to stick with water.

After consulting the menu (which is pretty lengthy) for my meal, I decided on the cheesy chicken sandwich. It was made of chicken sautéed in garlic served in a long roll bun covered in pimento cheese.

Yeah. You read that right.

It was INCREDIBLE. I mean, I’m a sucker for pimento, so I knew I would love this. The grilled onions and peppers mixed in with the chicken were an added bonus. I got the house chips as a side, which were seasoned to perfection with garlic and paprika.

The Atmosphere:IMG_3792

This place is your typical, casual beach restaurant. I loved how large the patio was for outdoor seating.

TBH, I never stepped foot inside the main restaurant, so I have no clue what it was like.

But, I loved the outside. There’s even a pier you can walk down and take pictures on, which is nice!

There are a lot of little shops around the restaurant, along with the famous store selling all of their t-shirts and hats.

Y’all already know I bought a hat and a t-shirt.

IMG_4059Besides the fact that our server was rude, I had a great experience sitting outside and I loved my sandwich.

I would definitely recommend the Salty Dog for families! It’s such a cute area to walk around in, and you get a nice meal, too. The lunch menu is much more casual than the dinner menu, so keep that in mind.

Overall, I would say the restaurant and food itself lived up to the cuteness of the logo and their merch. 

People who have been before, what do you think about the Salty Dog?
More looks: 

Parrots outside the shopping area
Entrance to outdoor seating from pier
Honestly, best restaurant logo EVER
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
They even give you peppermint taffy!

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