Merritt’s Memories

Have you ever had a restaurant that perfectly encapsulates your memories of an entire city?

For me and Chapel Hill, it’s Merritt’s Grill.

The Food

IMG_5411Merritt’s is a locally-owned grill in Chapel Hill that has perfected the art of a BLT. You may be thinking, “How can a BLT  be that good?” Trust me, I didn’t get it either until I first tried Merritt’s during my sophomore year of college.

Their signature recipe of “Toasted bread of your choice, bacon, bacon, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, salt, pepper… and bacon” is something special. I like it with sourdough bread and it’s great with pimento cheese, or even avocado!

The Restaurant

But, let’s be honest. This article isn’t about just how good Merritt’s is, but how the it’s home to so many people’s incredibly Carolina moments. 

Merritt’s is more than just a great sandwich.

It’s the place first-years always ask to eat when their friend with a car visits.

It’s the place where you take your parents on a Sunday afternoon when they’re dropping you back off at school after a holiday. (Thanks, Mom and Dad).  

IMG_5403It’s the place worth skipping class over on a sunny day with your best friends- even if you aren’t hungry. (Been there, done that).

It’s the place you, your roommate and your parents eat at before a basketball game in the Dean Dome. (Thanks for joining us, Emily).

It’s the place you get a sandwich from the day of the Final Four (#RedemptionSZN) and eat on the roof of your apartment building. (Thanks for the picture, Kelly).IMG_7108



It’s the place your friends join you on your 22nd birthday because the only thing that can cure a hangover so painlessly is a Merritt’s BLT. (Thanks Kelly, Sam and Amber).

It’s even the place that can even get you toleave a basketball game early just so you beat the crowd. (Thanks for the ride, Sam).

Food for Thought

As you can see, I have so many memories associated with this place. Merritt’s is so inherently Chapel Hill and everything related to my time here as an undergrad.

Merritt’s is the go-to place for so many besides just me. I’m not the only one that’s shared so many little meals here with friends and family that make up my college career.

Granted I’ve been reflecting a lot lately because graduation is looming, but I think it’s important to recognize the importance of your favorite restaurants. Why is it your favorite? Obviously the food has to be good (again, Merritt’s BLTs are insane). But, I bet if you dig a bit deeper, you would find it’s the memories and conversations shared there that make it so important to you.

Just some food for thought. 🙂
Thank you, Merritt’s, for being the location of so many perfect little Chapel Hill moments for me.

More pics:





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