8.2.0. Pizzeria & Bar

You ever go to a restaurant for the first time and feel like you really “click” with it? The atmosphere, the staff, the food, the vibe?

If you don’t know what I mean, stop reading.

Just kidding…

I recently had this feeling at 8.2.0. Pizzeria and Bar in Charlotte. Full disclosure: I was invited to try complimentary food and beverages, but this content is 100% my own.

The Place:

8.2.0. is nestled in the Music Factory neighborhood in Uptown Charlotte. It’s surrounded by other bars and event spaces.

When you walk in, you are greeted by one of the three bars, which serves cocktails on tap. Hellooooo.

The atmosphere is upscale rustic, if that makes sense? We’re talking painted white brick walls and picnic tables coupled with beautiful light fixtures and tasteful decor.

This place has a Panera-style ordering system. You order at the counter, they give you a pager and you pick up your food when it’s ready.

It even has a walk-up window to the outside for the inevitable late-night, post-concert drunchies. Brilliant.

8.2.0. also has private event spaces, a separate karaoke room (they have karaoke every night they’re open at 8pm) and a secret speakeasy. Up to you to figure out where it is.

The Food:

As I’m sure you can tell, this place isn’t super fancy. The menu doesn’t sound super impressive at first glance. Pizza, fries, meatballs, etc.

However, take a closer look and you’ll find they offer cauliflower crust, cauli balls (like meatballs, but veggie) and over 12 different dips for fries.

img_0503My friend group and I decided to try a little bit of everything. We got the pepperoni cauliflower crust pizza (delicious), the pommes frites (thick-cut and salted to perfection), the cauli balls with vodka cream sauce (fabulous flavor and texture wasn’t weird), the breadsticks (nothing special) and five of the dips, which I’ve ranked in order of deliciousness below.

  1. Malt Vinegar Aioli
  2. S’mores (could and did eat spoonfuls of this)
  3. Red Chimichurri (spicy)
  4. Mexican Ketchup (made with tequila, yum)
  5. Ranch


I love the vibe of this place. From a casual snack to a night out singing karaoke with your friends, to late-night pizza cravings- this place has it all.

If you’re in the Charlotte area, definitely check this spot out.

More Images: 

Private Event Space
Moscow Mule on tap
Karaoke Room
Sunflower Room- Available for private events
Hot dang. Thiiiick cut.
Cauliflower Balls


Pommes Frites and Sauces

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