Super Bowl Potlucks

Americans love the Super Bowl. Myself included. (Although I question this obsession year after year the Carolina Panthers are absent from it, or worse, lose in it. Nope, I’m still not over 2015. Or 2003).

What keeps me excited for the Super Bowl?

The food.  

My dad hosts a Super Bowl party at our house every other year with his buddies. He spends all day making chili and brats, while my mom preps the dessert and makes sure everything is displayed nicely. As a kid, I didn’t really get the big deal of eating good food during the Super Bowl.

But now, I do. (For me, it’s how I drown out the harsh fact that my team isn’t in the big game, again).

This year’s Potluck:

A bunch of my friends and I decided to get together this year to watch the game and indulge in yummy snack foods.IMG_0097

Each of us were responsible for bringing a food item to share, so there was plenty of food. Reason #1 why I love potlucks. There is always so much food.

This year, I make a spinach and artichoke dip to contribute. I plan on posting the recipe and instructions later, so stay tuned.

We had everything from wings, dips, sliders, shrimp cocktail and a veggie tray to an array of desserts, including Girl Scout cookies and a beautifully decorated cookie cake, sorry Brady fans.

IMG_0115Everyone brought a nice variety of food. Reason #2 why I love potlucks. People bring dishes I would probably never make. But because of the nature of potlucks, I get to eat things like taco dip or buffalo chicken biscuits.

As I sat with some of my closest friends around the television indulging in savory snacks, I realized maybe the companionship and camaraderie the Super Bowl brings is another reason why I keep watching it. Not just the food.

(But still, mainly the food).


Some more shots from Super Bowl Sunday: 

Buffalo Chicken Biscuits
Wings from Wings Over Chapel Hill
Harris Teeter Cookie Cake
Homemade Queso

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