Pizza & College, feat. LOTSA

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Pizza and college, like two peas in a pod.

In Chapel Hill, there are so many pizza options just minutes away from my house on Franklin Street. Throughout the years, I’ve tried pretty much all of them, so whenever a new guy pops up (@LOTSA), I’m quick to try it out!

The Restaurant:

LOTSA prides themselves on being both a late night pizza joint for college kids, while also serving stone fired pizza. This interesting combo was enough to get me in the door. I mean, how can a place open until 2 a.m. serve yummy, stone fired pizza? I just didn’t believe it.


When I first tried LOTSA back in August, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a build your own pizza place. I often order a random combination of toppings, so these places are perfect for me.

After waiting in a semi-long line (that moved quickly), I was greeted by pleasant workers that helped make my personal-sized pizza in minutes! As I paid, my pizza was tossed in a rotating stone fired oven for 150 seconds.

The Food:

Not long after my pizza was in the oven, the server took it out and drizzled it with ranch per my request. Just by the look of it, I knew it was going to be so good.

A full pizza later, and I was right.

FullSizeRender(1)LOTSA’s pizzas are thin crust and the perfect size for one person. Personally, I think stone fired pizza is the best because it’s never as greasy as New York style. The ingredients and toppings at LOTSA seem very fresh, too. Maybe it has to do with seeing them make my pie in front of me.

Since that August evening, I’ve frequented LOTSA. Throughout my many times visiting this place, both in daylight and late at night, I’ve gotten a variety of toppings. From just cheese, to almost all of the veggies and meats, I can assure you that any combination you craft will be delicious.

My Findings:

Apparently drunchies and stone fired pizza go together? At least at LOTSA, they do!

I highly recommend LOTSA, if you have one in your area! It’s not too pricey, can be customized in any way you wish and is cooked in front of your face in just minutes!

Insta Giveaway:

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This article is not sponsored, however, I am working together with LOTS for the gift card giveaway on Instagram.

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