I love brunch. I mean…I’m a millennial, what can I say?

Last weekend, my friends and I ventured over to downtown Asheville for brunch and breweries. Because of the nature of our friend group, we put some serious thought into where we were going to eat for brunch.

After some intense research, we decided on Mayfel’s, a cute restaurant that specializes in traditional New Orleans cuisine and southern comfort food. And, they have a make your own Bloody Mary bar, which may or may not have been the deciding factor.

The Food:

The brunch menu at Mayfel’s is extensive, so bring your friends here if you are a picky group!

Bacon and Goat Cheese Omelet

From specialty benedicts, omelets, sandwiches and traditional breakfast items like french toast, Mayfel’s has something for everyone.

After hearing suggestions from the server, I chose the bacon and goat cheese omelet that comes with spinach and mushrooms. I opted for home fries as my side.

As I waited for my meal, I ordered one of their many unique mimosas. I tried the apple cider mimosa, mainly because it sounded interesting, but also because I have a small cider obsession. I was curious to see how this would taste- I mean do apples and oranges go together?

In this case, they did. The apple cider mimosa was light and refreshing. Sometimes, I find them to be too orange juice-y, so this flavor combination was great for me (and my pesky acid reflux).

Once my food came, I understood why the server spoke so highly of the bacon and goat cheese omelet. It was amazing. The goat cheese was creamy and loaded into this omelet. The mushrooms, spinach and bacon added to the already delicious flavor. The home fries were seasoned to perfection and had a great cajun taste.

All of my friends ordered a different entree (a foodie’s dream) and they all spoke highly of their meals. I think this proves that although Mayfel’s may not specialize in one specific type of brunch food, they do everything well, which is hard to find.

The Atmosphere:

Not only is the food amazing, but so is the restaurant decor. Located right off College Street, Mayfel’s has covered outdoor seating along with a relatively small indoor dining room.IMG_1342

Inside, booths and tables fill the brightly decorated room. Mardi gras beads hang from the ceiling, channeling the NOLA inspo for the food. There is a rustic feel to the space too, which makes it feel cozy and comforting.

Because I’m a self-proclaimed brunch connoisseur, I have pretty high standards. But to me completely honest, Mayfel’s exceeded them quite easily. The service was friendly, the decor and space is cute and the food was incredible.

I would 100% go back here and I recommend it to y’all to try!

More Pics: 

Loved the sign!
Bloody Mary Bar
Eggs Benedict
Steak and Eggs
Fried Chicken Biscuit- Benedict Style
Egg Scramble with Ham
Kelly and I waiting on our food!

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