February Favorites

February has come and gone and I can’t believe it’s already March of 2018!

This is a new style blog I’m trying out. I’m thinking about doing it at the end/beginning of every month. Basically, it’s just a compilation of all of my favorite things (food, memories, random products, etc.) from the previous month.

Five things really stood out to me in February:

  1. Blueberry RX Barsimg_1815.jpg

RX Bars are all of the rave right now. Their “No B.S.” attitude towards ingredients is transparent in the packaging. On the front of each bar, no matter what flavor, an abbreviated list of ingredients is listed. RX’s motto is to “tell you what’s on the inside on the outside.” 

I love these for so many reasons. They’re actually really filling, the ingredients aren’t terrible for you and the blueberry flavor is delicious!

  1. Cup O’ Coffee face mask from Lush


Lush products are amazing, but also expensive. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth spending the ~$15 to try a new product (especially a face mask, which I can buy from Target for $5). However, I took a risk and tried Cup O’ Coffee due to the reviews I read online. Boy, it did not disappoint.

This mask is very refreshing and the ground coffee beans are an incredible natural exfoliant for the face and the rest of your body! I use this on my face in the mornings for an added boost of energy and at night in the shower on other parts of my body. I love this mask and it leaves my skin feeling smooth for hours.

  1. Beating Dook in the Dean Dome, February 8th


Everyone knows UNC vs Dook is one of the most insane rivalries in America. As a UNC senior, I had the chance to sit fourth row for this rollercoaster game. My friends and I waited at the Dean Dome for ~8 hours before tip off, but it was so worth it. From Kenny’s three pointers to Theo’s dunk in front of the student section with 11.1 seconds left in the second half, everything felt perfect that night. Cheering on the Heels to defeat Grayson Allen and Coach K in the Dean Dome with my closest friends was indescribable, and is truly a night I will never forget.


  1. This Is Us


I’m a tad late to the craze, but I’m here nonetheless. This Is Us has taken over my free time, quite frankly. I’m not upset at all though because I can say with full confidence this is the best show I’ve ever watched. I’m obsessed with everything about This Is Us. From the actors to the many plot lines and even to the tears I shed in almost every episode.

As much as I love this show, I kind of hate it too. In a way, it has ruined every other show for me because now I always compare them to This Is Us and nothing is as good.


  1. iPhone X IMG_0655

From the day the iPhone X was announced, I’ve been hesitant. Also, is it “X” or “ten”- I still don’t know. Anyways, I finally decided to get the X after my 6 kept restarting. I was nervous about not having a home button, but now that I have the X, I don’t even remember what it was like to have a home button.

It’s very easy to use and I am obsessed with portrait mode.

So, that’s essentially what my February looked like. I cheered on my Heels, cried watching This Is Us, ate my feelings in RX bars, relaxed with my Cup O’ Coffee face mask, and took far too many pictures of food on portrait mode. It’s the little things in life that add up to happiness, right?



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